Outhouses are on the Move!

Outhouse Relocation

Glenn Kaufman moving an outhouse for Elk Konnected to use during the contest.  This outhouse originally came from Edie Baker’s farm east of Elk Falls.  It then moved into town and was entered as the “Quiltreen” at Edie’s quilt shop for several years.  It was later moved to the Cafe where it was transformed into the “Bum Appitit”.

On the road again

Only in Elk Falls!

Anybody home?

Friends of Elk Falls president gets into some unusual situations from time to time with his official duties.  This outhouse belonged to long time Elk Falls resident and postmaster, Merle Stiles.  Jim Tuggle gave it to Steve Fry to be repaired and recreated as the “Social Movement,” another of the new entries this year by Zach and Laura Fry.

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