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Bear Necessities by Alan Heck

Bear Necessities by Alan Heck

Third Place – Bear Necessities by Alan Heck

The GREENhouse - A Loo With a View

The GREENhouse - A Loo With a View

Second Place – The GREENhouse by Steve Fry

Gilligan's Contemplation Palace - Cecelia Stich receiving Throne Award from Friends of Elk Falls president, Steve Fry

Gilligan's Contemplation Palace - Cecelia Stich receiving Throne Award from Friends of Elk Falls president, Steve Fry

First Place – Gilligan’s Contemplation Palace by Cecelia Stich

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all who participated in this year’s

Outhouse Tour and Contest!


11 2009

This Year’s Line Up

Chamber Pot – Elk Falls Pottery

Gem of the Prairie – Friends of Elk Falls

GoGreen – Steve Fry

Gone to the Dogs – Mike Washburn

Hunter’s Retreat – Cynthia Washburn

King Toot – Southern Kansas Telephone

Luke’s Depository and Tool Shed – Mike Patton

Outhouse Chicken House – Dale Martin

Party Pooper – Licia Nichols

Santa’s North Hole – The Heck family

Star Buttz – Laura and Zach Fry

Voter’s Booth – Friends of Elk Falls


11 2009

Outhouses are on the Move!

Outhouse Relocation

Glenn Kaufman moving an outhouse for Elk Konnected to use during the contest.  This outhouse originally came from Edie Baker’s farm east of Elk Falls.  It then moved into town and was entered as the “Quiltreen” at Edie’s quilt shop for several years.  It was later moved to the Cafe where it was transformed into the “Bum Appitit”.

On the road again

Only in Elk Falls!

Anybody home?

Friends of Elk Falls president gets into some unusual situations from time to time with his official duties.  This outhouse belonged to long time Elk Falls resident and postmaster, Merle Stiles.  Jim Tuggle gave it to Steve Fry to be repaired and recreated as the “Social Movement,” another of the new entries this year by Zach and Laura Fry.


11 2009

Elk Falls 16th Annual Outhouse Tour Set for November 18 and 19


Elk Falls is once again opening it’s doors (that’s outhouse doors!) to the world with the 16th Annual OUthouse Tour and Contest, November 18 and 19. While somewhat pretentiously claiming to be the Outhouse Capital of the World, the event has now truly taken it’s place on the world stage, recently being listed number 7 in the World’s Top Ten Toilets by Virtual Tourist. (see the story and pictures at A somewhat dubious distinction perhaps, but to be listed with the likes of London, Paris, Ephesus, and Vienna makes this little town right proud! Shucks, we might even be on TV this year as KWCH 12 Eyewitness News has put the Elk Falls Outhouse Tour on its Kansas One of a Kind list!

About 12 outhouses are on the roll for this year’s tour including several new entrees. SKT’s offering is always a hoot and this year promises nothing less with “King Toot.” “Star Butz” is planning a WIFI hotspot for the hipsters. And sadly, this very well may be the last year for the Elk Falls Post Office and The Postal Potty, but the “Party Pooper” is going out with a bang! Let’s help celebrate this unfortunate retirement!

Also on the schedule for this year’s event is the Craft Show at the gym, the Quilt Show at Calvary Chapel, The Homer Allison Outhouse Collection at the Prairie Gem Schoolhouse, horse drawn wagon rides, live folk rock praise by The Olive Green from Longton (Friday) and bluegrass by Reach for the Sky from Wichita (Saturday), antique tractor exhibit including an old “hit and miss” engine of the early 1900’s, activities for the kids by Elk Konnected (Saturday), and of course plenty of good food! Elk Falls Pottery will be celebrating 35 years of digging, processing, forming and transforming native Kansas clays into works of functional art. You might even catch the potter at his wheel!

So get OUT of the HOUSE, enjoy the autumn weather with friends and family and join the movement to the Outhouse Capital of the World in Elk Falls.


11 2009